360° Feedback Assessments: The Right Way

March 14, 2019 | Articles

We are often asked about 360° Feedback Assessments as a way to measure performance.

A 360° assessment provides specific feedback to the individual being assessed from multiple levels, including their manager, co-workers and subordinates.

Some organizations use 360° feedback assessments for all their performance management. However, for 360°s to be truly effective in this model, they need to be used in a “360° culture.” This is culture in which everyone knows that assessments are multi-level and allows people to provide feedback without repercussions. And, ideally, feedback results should be provided by a trained professional.

One frequent scenario occurs in organizations that use regular performance appraisal systems. A performance situation will arise with a manager, often related to their management of people. The organization will want to conduct a “one-off” 360°. Doing this internally and on an ad hoc basis can have negative consequences. Contributors to the assessment, especially subordinates, will be wary that their comments may not be truly anonymous. They may not be fully candid and, if their comments are identifiable, they may suffer repercussions from their manager. In addition, the person providing the feedback to the manager needs to do this in a positive way, providing constructive feedback and assisting in developing a plan for improvement.

The good news is that with advances in technology, there are now great ways to conduct a 360° Feedback Assessment. Brown Consulting Group uses a 360° feedback tool that assessors complete online. Based on behavioural success competencies, the tool asks for specific, focused feedback from people who have had an opportunity to see the manager in action on the job. In addition, the manager conducts a self-assessment. For non-anonymous rater groups such as “self,” “direct manager” and “indirect manager,” ratings will be shown. Other raters such as direct reports, peers, customers, other colleagues or direct reports, will have their results combined and provided anonymously. Feedback is provided in both numerical and graphical data, as well as commentary.

Managers are assessed on a variety of competencies with this tool including: strategy and vision; business acumen; communication; integrity; leading change; results driven; collaboration; leading people; decision making; innovation and creativity; and talent management. Once the assessments have been completed, the tool assimilates the results. One of our Certified 360° Coaches can provide feedback to the individual and assist in a development plan to improve performance. This tool supports the organization’s commitment to sustaining leadership effectiveness and development in a uniform way.

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