Why Invest in Leadership Training

August 28, 2023 | Articles

When it comes to the impact of leadership training, John Maxwell, a world-renowned leadership expert, said it best: “The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them.”

While you make many important decisions, effective leadership will be critical in growing your organization, creating long-term success and remaining competitive in today’s fast-paced landscape.  

But outstanding leadership doesn’t come naturally to everyone. It requires constant development and refinement of skills. It requires time and energy. So, the question arises, “Is investing in leadership training worth it?” 

Yes! Let’s look at the data: one study showed an annual ROI for leadership training of 415%. That means organizations earn $4.15 for every $1 spent on leadership training.

This blog post will explore two more compelling reasons why investing in leadership training is a strategic move for businesses aiming to thrive in the dynamic market.

1. Cultivating Exceptional Leaders:

Think of the last time you promoted one of your employees. Why were they promoted? Often, employees with a firm understanding of your organization and industry are promoted above their peers. They are employees with leadership potential – but do they have the leadership skills

For your management team, do they know what kind of leader they want to be? Sometimes we simply follow the pattern (for better or for worse) of the leader who influenced our career path most. However, does your team know how to identify or make a shift in their leadership style and understand how it affects their team?

Leadership training programs develop skills beyond basic management techniques; they encompass emotional intelligence, effective communication, decision-making abilities, and empathy. They create leaders who will create leaders. 

2. Creating consistency within your management team: 

Leadership training is a game-changer as it brings a sense of cohesion to the management team. When managers go through training together, they become a tight-knit unit, all speaking the same language and sharing a common vision. It’s like forming a dream team! 

This unity leads to a consistent message being conveyed to all employees, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Having that level of consistency is crucial for fairness between departments, making sure everyone gets the same support and guidance they need. Before diving into the training, we take the time to understand the organization’s needs, pain points, and challenges so that we can tailor the program to fix those exact issues. 

So, investing in leadership training empowers your managers and creates a strong and cohesive leadership force that drives success throughout the organization.

Foundations of Leadership Training with Brown Consulting Group 

The Foundations of Leadership Program is meticulously crafted for both new and seasoned managers, seeking to enhance their leadership skills. With six modules covering vital leadership topics, from giving feedback to learning your leadership style.

What makes our program stand out? This program distinguishes itself by offering a comprehensive look at what makes a leader and how to cultivate leadership skills. We walk through the essential skills to drive success. Also, working with our team means you are learning strategies aligned with the Employment Standards Act and other workplace legislation. 

The program’s content can be tailored to an organization’s specific challenges, using real-world scenarios for practical application and generating tangible results. Your team will walk away with valuable insights and actionable solutions they can implement immediately.

At Brown Consulting, we want to build strong teams led by strong leaders. To get started on your leadership development, contact our team today!

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