Charting a Course to Excellence: Lynn Brown Receives FCMC Designation

November 13, 2023 | Announcements

Our Founder and Senior Advisor, Lynn, has recently achieved a remarkable accomplishment – she has been recognized as a Fellow Certified Management Consultant (FCMC).

The FCMC designation is a prestigious acknowledgement for those who have made significant contributions to clients, Institutes, the profession, and society. Lynn’s achievements in her career and contributions to the community have earned her this distinction, bringing honour to the Human Resources profession.

The process for FCMC nominations is rigorous, and submissions require testimonials from peers, clients, and community representatives. Lynn’s dedication and impact have resonated with those around her, which is evident through the positive testimonials she has received.

Since the establishment of Brown Consulting Group in 1999, Lynn has consistently stood out in our industry. She was ahead of her time in recognizing the possibilities of human resources consulting and remote work. Through her passion and expertise, she has grown our firm to where we are today and has established herself as an authority and thought leader in the industry.

For those of us who have the privilege of working closely with Lynn, her impact has and continues to be immeasurable. Her ability to identify the potential and possibilities in others has guided many of us on our professional paths. She serves as a true mentor, always encouraging us to reach further, and as a trusted advisor, providing invaluable guidance in navigating challenging situations. Lynn’s commitment to excellence is an inspiration to all of us, constantly urging us to raise the bar higher.

Please join us in congratulating Lynn on this incredible accomplishment. It is well-deserved recognition for her unwavering dedication and outstanding contributions. Lynn’s achievement not only brings pride to our organization but also highlights the excellence that we strive for as a team.

Well done, Lynn! We are truly privileged to have you as our Founder and mentor.

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