Returning to the Workplace, COVID-19

May 21, 2020 | Articles

As restrictions are changing, more workplaces are starting to reopen. It’s vitally important for employers to implement appropriate protocols and procedures to ensure everyone’s safety.

Without question, what an organization needs to do will depend very much on the nature of its business, its workers and its interaction with the public. As you look at reopening or transitioning your employees back to the workplace, there are a number of things you should consider as part of your new COVID-19 protocols.

  • How will you manage social distancing at the workplace? Can you continue or implement work from home options or stagger shifts?
  • How will you manage interactions with the customers, deliveries or other visitors?  Will you need to restrict entries or exits or provide barriers for your employees?
  • What hygiene protocols will you need to implement?  How will you manage or monitor them?
  • What personal protective equipment or supplies will you need? Masks, gloves, visors or hand sanitizer?
  • How will you manage common areas or equipment like the lunchroom, file room, fridge, coffee, photocopier?
  • How will you manage meetings?
  • How will you endeavour to keep the office clean during the day, (e.g., sanitizing common areas, and surfaces, door handles, elevators, washrooms, etc. ).
  • What protocols need to be implemented for employees visiting customers, clients or work sites?
  • Do you need to screen workers for health issues before coming into the workplace?

Having a good plan in place before employees return is imperative. Communicating the plan and providing training where appropriate will be essential for a smooth transition back.

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